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✔ Aesthetics
✔ Quality
✔ Affordable budget
✔ Customer orientation

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The Miramar_rg carpet is the perfect combination of all the necessary characteristics that any athlete dreams of seeing in his training equipment, even at home. Starting with high-quality material that provides comfort and safety when performing exercises.

Our carpet has an anti-slip coating that prevents slipping and allows gymnasts to focus on their technique and figures.

Miramar_rg is not only a functional training surface, but also a stylish accessory that will give your training area at home aesthetic appeal and style. Its universal color and modern design create a harmonious atmosphere, our carpet has already been bought by many gymnastics bloggers, real connoisseurs of fashion in gymnastics.

Quality, affordable budget, aesthetics and customer orientation are what make the Miramar_rg carpet an ideal choice for rhythmic gymnastics training


When I was looking for raw materials for carpet production, quality played a key role for me. I wanted to be sure that the chosen material would withstand intense loads, would not slip and would retain its original shape for a long time.

Now my brand is popular among coaches not only in Russia, but also abroad.

The anti-slip carpet coating ensures that the surface will be securely fixed to the floor, and gymnasts will be able to focus on their movements without fear of slipping.

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The Miramar_rg carpet is available at a budget price, which makes it an attractive choice for a wide range of athletes. I am pleased to know that we have premium quality at a reasonable price.

The cost of the carpet depends on its size, the price per sq. m. m from 300 USD. Check with the managers.

How do we differ from our competitors

  • Carpets have only premium quality, there are no second-rate raw materials
  • Sending the order on the day of payment by Russian Post
  • Carpets are always available in various sizes
  • There are two overlock color categories (you can choose beige or red carpet framing)
  • For each order, regardless of the size, the gymnast receives a present inside the package
  • The best and best price so that any gymnast can afford premium quality
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  • Sponsorship of tournaments in Russia and abroad
  • Own production, there are two workshops (production and packaging)
  • Miramar_rg carpets are the only carpets for gymnasts with an anti-slip latex coating
  • Carpet packaging is always festive, complete with a sleeve for assembling the carpet into a roll
  • Instant ordering and consultation
  • Sending an order not only in Russia, but also abroad
  • Communication with clients on any topic, the founder of the gymnast company and the mother of the young gymnast herself
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Что такое умный ковер от miramar_rg?

Умный ковёр это гимнастический ковер со светодиодной лентой по оверлоку, вшитый вручную по периметру ковра, который имеет пожаробезопасную ленту.

В ковре есть датчик звука, реагирует не только на голос, но и на музыку, ритм.

Вы можете сказать "ковер зажгись" и он будет светиться по периметру, можете включить музыку от медленной до динамичной и светодиоды по периметру поймают темп Вашей музыки или голоса.

Светодиодная лента помогает гимнастке лучше чувствовать ритм и темп музыки, делать все элементы ярче и просто получает красивое оформление ковра и эстетическое удовольствие.

✔ Бежевый оверлок
✔ Ручная работа
✔ Пожаробезопасное оформление светодиодной ленты в оверлок
✔ Усиленная упаковка для транспортировки
✔ Презент для гимнастки внутри упаковки ковра
✔ Красивое оформление упаковки
✔ Вес 7 кг

Комплектация умного ковра включает в себя

  • Гимнастический ковер размером 1,5м на 2 м с бежевым оверлоком
  • Втулка для сборки ковра в рулон
  • Красная лента
  • Презент с визиткой бренда
  • Пульт от умной светодиодной ленты (вшита в ковер).
  • Контроллер ленты
  • Блок питания
  • Датчик звука

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